Keshîa Rubie, WPICC

Creative Director


Loves all facets of design, so much so that she's a trained and licensed cosmetologist and wig maker, makeup artist, certified Canadian wedding planner, event planner and designer. She is a powerful communicator, whose work can be seen in the development of our clients logos and website designs. She loves telling a good story without words.









Nicholas Brown

Veteran Graphic Designer


The logical creative, who uses his every waking moment to come up with creative high impact graphics to capture and provoke the thoughts of any target audience. He consistently raises the bar with his higher quality designs, knowledge and experience. His areas of specialization include graphic designing, video editing, photography and radio and television ad creations. His designs speaks out for him.








Donald Rubie

Technology Consultant


Has no design bones in his body, but is able to draft up a savvy tech plan to meet your design execution needs. He has over 20 years business and technology experience within Canada's and Jamaica's finance, e-commerce, retail and manufacturing sectors. He specializes in loss prevention, technology implementation and e-business. He hardly says any words that aren't typed.








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